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Who'd want to be a travel journalist?

Who wants to be a travel journalist

Being passionate about travelling and having the ability to string a sentence together will not qualify you as a travel journalist. It takes a lot more than that. 

Hard work and poor compensation

Travel news coverage is truly diligent work and the compensation isn't generally awesome so why might anybody need to do it? Forget dreams of being sent round the world on a task with a gigantic commission, all costs paid, and having interminable days lolling on the shoreline or eating at restaurants in Beverley. Not very many distributions pay specialists' travel costs (and getting a full-time composing or altering work on a noteworthy travel production is quite recently not going to occur until the point that you have a very long time of involvement, and still, at the end of the day, odds are thin).

Here's an example

Take an example 1,000 word include. On the off chance that you are fortunate and have a long time of involvement, you may be authorized to compose a 1,000-word travel include for a noteworthy distribution. You should spend around a day creating the contribute that wins the commission the primary spot, three to five days working out your schedule and organizing settlement et cetera. Another three to five days on the trek. At that point no less than two to four days composing the article to a standard sufficiently high for this sort of distribution. In the event that you are fortunate, for this, you will be paid £400.

Can you make it work?

Yes, you can. If you get the right career break then it can be a really lucrative and fun thing to do. You can travel the world writing to your hearts content but you need to get the break first and that's where it becomes difficult. If you are adventurous, love travelling, and expert in communication, then this job is ideal for you. Read a lot of travel magazines, articles, journals, do not be afraid of trying new things, never be judgmental about the new cultures and traditions. Be open minded and accept the traditions as they are. you are sure to succeed.

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