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A career as an SEO consultant

A career as an SEO consultant

How would you like being your own boss? Having a fast car and living la vida loca? Being a UK SEO consultant can make that happen although its not without its downsides too. How do you fancy being kept up all night, thinking of how a computer's algorithm change may affect your livelihood? In this day and age, being at the top of the search engines is a major thing.

The good things about being an SEO consultant

The benefits of being an SEO consultant are that you have freedom. You can work when you want, where you want, wearing what you want. You don't have to sit in the traffic and drive to an office. You drive traffic yourself - to the top of the search engines. Getting your customers to page 1 on Google is no mean feat and its very satisfying.

Keeping up with the changes

SEO is a moving target. A few years ago Page Rank was everything. Keyword stuffing was in, Meta tags were important and Pinterest wasn't invented. Yahoo answers was the in thing and blog commenting was all the rage. All you had to do was to put as many links as you could on a high PR site and voila - that was it. Your rankings increased.Now, things are a lot different. Google algortithm changes have turned everything on its head Content marketing is the thing and everything is a lot harder than it used to be.

How much can I earn

The great thing about being a freelance SEO is that the wages are uncapped. You can charge what you want when you get to a certain level. Your outlays in terms of equipment and office space are non existent but you will have to pay out for online services which will help you to generate traffic to Google. 

Keeping up with the competition

As the internet has become more important for spending money, so SEO has become more important. Consequently there is more competition out there and its getting a lot harder to rank for tier 1 keywords.

Ingenuity is key

What I like most about SEO is the problem solving aspect of it. Looking around the internet, seeing what content works, who is linking where, how can I make better content and where can I place it for optimum visibility. This is all interesting stuff and much more fun than entering data into a computer.

A career as an SEO consultant can make looking at computer screeens fun and make it worth getting up in the morning for. Its not for the faint hearted as it takes a long time to get noticed but if you have the time and the means of support whilst things get going then its defintely worth doing.




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