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How to write SEO content

One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site is to write articles that are optimized for SEO. In terms of search engine ranking, each blog post acts as a web page for your site. By optimizing these pages with certain keywords, the search engines can find your pages easily and deliver them back to the user. We sometimes treat Google like a person, but in reality, it’s just a computer algorithm with limitations. The only way it knows if a site is relevant to a search is by looking for certain keywords and phrases. Furthermore, it looks for those words in specific places. If they aren’t there, then you don’t have much of a chance in the search results.

Write for people not for Google

We need to keep in mind that the content we are creating needs to appeal to people, and needs to be written FOR people. So how do we go about these two different scenarios, and how do we leverage them? Very easy – as stated before, have a good look at the keywords that are most relevant and important to you and make sure that list is available to you when you need it. Then, just try and envision how some of the keywords would fit in your content and where, and just let loose and start writing what you want to write.

Writing SEO articles doesn’t mean aimlessly creating multiple blog posts and webpages to draw indiscriminate traffic from search engines. This doesn’t help. It may improve your search engine rankings for your “favourite” keywords, but unless these keywords increase your conversion rate, unless more people do business with you, such an SEO article writing service is of no use to your business. SEO is often defined as increasing a website’s rankings on search engines, hence the name ‘search engine optimisation’.

Increased visibility

Some go further and look at the increased visibility a website gets through search engines via an SEO campaign but even this is somewhat misleading. The majority or businesses will employ an SEO specialist to deliver a return on their investment via increased sales. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true for the majority of industries and SEO is certainly no different.

There are a multitude of companies and lone wolves offering cheap SEO services with grand promises of first page rankings and fast. In reality, the only way to achieve such a promise is by employing suspect black-hat techniques, which can land you in big trouble with the search engines. Social media is a crucial performance metric in establishing which content has historically performed best.

What generates high visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPS) may not necessarily be the content that takes off on social. For this reason, you need to integrate both angles into your content marketing strategy. Consider which channels trigger the most traffic to your posts and use the native tools available through the social platforms to understand the engagement metrics on your posts.

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Writing SEO content is becoming trickier with every passing day.
SEO content is not something which you write only for traffic.
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